When? What? Why?
Early Spring Harrow, Fertilise, Seed Any poached Areas & Roll

Harrowing will level off land, spread/breakup any horse droppings, remove dead material & Moss and aerate the soil to kick-start new growth

Fertilise – boost the grasses growth for the summer & get the best out of your land.

Overseed - Repair any poached areas before weeds take over  and strengthen the overall grass quality.  

Rolling Will help repair winter damage and push any seed into the soil to germinate.

Late Spring/Summer Grass cutting/topping & Spraying (Weed Control) Spraying - Selective weed control - Kill off any unwanted or poisonous weeds just leaving the grass.

Grass cutting/topping
Late Summer/Autumn  Harrow & Roll, grass cutting  Grass cutting - Maintain a good quality grass sward , Can be used as alternative to spraying (Must be done before seeding) & keeps areas tidy

Harrowing & Rolling – Tidy paddocks ready for the winter
Winter Cut hedges/Ditches, Strip graze, fencing & pick up poo droppings regally if possible

Hedges - Cut back & tidy any hedges & ditches - This can only be done between September and February due to Nesting birds.

Fencing- Repair all fencing and separate larger areas into smaller paddocks for stock rotation.

Poo - Pick up regularly to reduce parasite. Also reduces selective grazing

Spring is the busy time to reap the benefits later in the year. If paddocks are left unattended they will only get worse and be harder to maintain in the long run!

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