harrowing rollingAs soon as the ground starts to dry (Normally March – April) it’s the perfect time to roll, harrow, re seed (Over seed) any poached areas & fertilise the paddocks. Good maintenance of your paddocks now will give you significant benefits throughout the rest of the year. The perfect conditions is when the ground is damp but there is no sitting water and when you walk through any mud it doesn't stick to your boots.  

Harrowing removes the dead grass, lightly rooted weeds and moss to allow new growth to come through and encourages the grass to spread and establish. Harrowing can also be done again in the Autumn to boost growth ready for the winter and can be used as an effective way of spreading latrine areas (manure) evenly over the soil.
Rolling smoothes out winter poaching (flattens the area) and rolls the crowns of grass to crush them so encouraging tillering or 'spreading' of the grass and. This two-step process stops excess water gathering in puddles in old poaching marks and gives the air and nutrients the grass needs to maximise spring growth

harrowing and rolling on trailer

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