Grass Cutting/Topping & Strimming

Not only does topping reduce excess forage and encourages palatable forage for horses, it can also be used as an alternative to spraying to stop weeds going into seed.

Topping does not give a lawn finish like your lawnmower does as this is not what it’s designed to do. Using a lawnmower would result in a rather heavy maintenance bill and you falling asleep on the mower as a lawnmower isn’t designed to cut long grass. If you are wanting a ‘lawn like finish’ we would recommend that you firstly topped the paddock (depending on height of pasture) to get the pasture down to a manageable height and then visit again a few days after with a finishing mower. Constant mowing & strimming of walkways and paddocks on a regular basis will ensure that weeds are minimised and the cut is improved.

For large weed infestations that are to be sprayed we may also recommend that the paddock is topped, then the regrowth is then sprayed to gain maximum results as weeds would be targeted in earlier growth stages.
Please note: If any poisonous plants are present such as ragwort then all debris must have totally disappeared before allowing grazing. Unfortunately once ragwort is killed it becomes more palatable to horses.

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