paddock spraying‘Get more grass from what you've got!’

Spraying is a safe and effective way of getting more grass out of what you have. Weeds Compete with grass for space, light, nutrients and water and sometimes make grazing very limited. Most of our chemicals we use only have a restriction period for grazing of only 7 days so making it a relatively quick solution. Please note: if there are any poisonous plants such as ragwort this period is extended until all remains have disappeared as the foliage is still poisonous itself and unfortunately once the weed has died off it becomes more palatable to horses. If weeds are left then the problem will only get worse and more than likely spread to neighbouring properties.
We are fully trained, licensed and insured to apply herbicides (professional weed Killers) through a knapsack or boom sprayer. We have fitted air induction, low drift nozzles to allow minimal buffer zones and to allow spraying to commence in windier conditions.
We use a small 6 metre boom sprayer which allows us to spray even the smaller of paddocks but yet also much larger areas if needed too. Spraying is the most effective way of controlling weeds in grassland and has good long term effect too with chemicals killing the root off too.

We tailor the chemical depending on the type of weed whether it be; buttercups, ragwort, nettles or thistles, the growth stage of the weeds and the amount of weeds there are.

If there is a large weed infestation then we may recommend that the paddock is topped, then the regrowth is sprayed after to gain maximum results as weeds would be targeted in earlier growth stages or growth stages for different plants would then be evened out.
When applying the chemical we usually add a blue dye in so it’s clear where has been sprayed and to minimise any areas being missed.

It’s vital that regular maintenance of your paddocks is high in your list of priorities to keep your horses happy! Contact us now to find out how we can help you!

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